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Group routine

Aomori University at 2009 All Japan RG Championships
This performance never fails to make whoever watches this to tears, even if they don't know the story behind this performance. Actually, this performance was dedicated to the deceased teammate, who died from brain cancer at his 20s. Usually, at MRG competitions, crowds cheer for their teammate shouting "Gamba!" (means "Do your best!") or "Faito!" (means not "fight", but "Go for it."). But in this performance, no such loud voice was heard. They silently watched the six gymnasts move on the mat, with spontaneous and intermittent clapping. Gymnasts as well as their teammate wanted to show respect and condolence for their dead friend.

Kokushikan University at 2015 All Japan RG Championships

Ibara High School at 2013 All Japan RG Championships
This team routine has been viewed over 12 million times on Facebook.

Aomori Yamada High School at 2015 Inter-Highschool Championships
They got 1st place.

2015 All Japan RG Championships - Group Routine

1. Eniwa Minami High School
2. Kobayashi Shuho High School
3. Natori High School
4. Sakaide Industrial High School
5. Aomori University
6. Hanazono University
7. Aomori Yamada High School
8. Kokushikan University

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