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Q: What is the difference between Men's rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics?

A: In Men's RG, they use the same mat that is used in the floor exercise of artistic gymnastics. However, they are very distinct form of gymnastics especially in the following aspects: Firstly, all rhythmic gymnastics are performed to music, while in artistic gymnastics only the women's floor exercise traditionally features music. Secondly, group events of Men's RG are performed by six gymnasts at the same time, while in artistic gymnastics, individual members of the team perform one at a time. In individual events, apparatus (stick, double rings, rope, clubs) is used in the same manner as women's RG. Additionally, highly artistic feature of their performance along with the music and costume is remarkable, making this sport an expressive, fascinating one. Most of all, dynamic sequence of tumbling or lifts as well as highly synchronized movements in group events are unique and original features of Men's RG.

Q: Is Men's RG different from RG done by women?

A: The biggest difference is that acrobatic movements (tumbling) are allowed in Men's RG. This makes MRG performances masculine and powerful. Group routine is composed of tumbling and movements without using any apparatus, which is called "Toshu" in Japanese (literally means "bare-handed"). In individual performances, four kinds of apparatus (stick, double rings, rope, clubs) are used. The ball or ribbon is not used in MRG. The ranking is decided by the sum of each score of the four individual performances.

Q: Is there any opportunity to watch Men's RG performance?

A: Some of the university teams, such as Aomori University, Kokushikan University, Hanazono University, etc., have been invited to show their group performance in gymnastic shows held all over the world. They are called "Japanese Ninja" and their performances have been received big applause from the audiences. You can watch some of the videos on YouTube.

<Aomori University>

<Kokushikan University>

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Also, you can watch many men's rhythmic gymnasts performing in the shows by Cirque du Soleil.


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