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MRG in Canada (part 1)

2016/07/13 AM 12:28

Today, I would like to introduce Mr. Mario Lam, who is originally from Hong Kong and has been working on spreading MRG for quite a few years in Canada, Vancouver.

Believe it or not, he got interested in MRG when he saw some pictures on "SportsEye" magazine and started to make enquiries back in the late 1990s. It was only 2002 that he finally successfully made contact and brought the Kokushikan team to perform at Pacific Alliance championship. He started a program in Canada in 2003 with help from Japan.


Here is a website where you can learn the history of MRG in Canada.
[The Martial Gym Moments]

Kotaro's performance 1999 San Francisco

A picture from SportsEye raised the curiosity but it was 1999 San Francisco that re-ignite the desire to act on it. Mario initiated contact with the Japan Gymnastics Federation but without much success because of language barrier.

May 3, 2002
Kokushikan's Pacific Rim Gala Performance

Mario arranged for the Kokushikan's Men RG team to perform at the Pacific Alliance Championships. Relationships built between key individuals made starting a program in Canada possible.

May 3, 2002
Big Rope performance routine

The crowd went wild with the Big Rope performance which combines tumbling, rope handling, team work and fun.

January 14, 2003
First Martial Gym Recreation Program in Canada

In 2003, the first Martial Gym recreation program began at the basement of Killarney Community Center with 5 gymnasts, coached by Kazuki Mamorita and Mario Lam. It was called MartialGym to make it appealing to both boys and girls. With the change in name, the program includes material for a much wider audience and make it more adaptable depending on the needs of the participants.


March 1, 2003
Push to Bring Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics to Special Olympics

With the belief that what is good for generic is also good for Special Olympics. The first set of compulsory routines were choreographed and distributed via the internet. Ontario was the first province to implement the program in multiple Special Olympic clubs.


May 10, 2003
Delta Invitiational Performance by Kazuki Mamorita

Martial Gym was invited to do a Gala performance at the Delta Invitiational (an Artistic Gymnastics event). Kazuki Mamorita did an amazing 4 apparatus routine.

November 27, 2003
First Canadian men's RG Team to Compete in Japan

The very first canadian team with 2 gymnasts from British Columbia and 1 gymnast from Ontario went to compete in Japan at the first international competition of Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics. Besides Japan as host, participating were Korea, USA, Malaysia and Canada.


July 15, 2004 Gala Performance at BC Summer Games by Takeshi Kigaku

Martial Gym was invited to do a performance at the BC Summer Games. Takeshi Kigaku performed a rings routine.

August 2, 2004
National Coaching Workshop in Calgary, Alberta

Introducing Japanese Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics to the rest of Canada via the National Coaching workshop. Course conductors include Takeshi Kigaku, Mario Lam and Eric Tseung. Participants ranged from coaches to retired athletes that were interested in Martial Gym


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