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MRG in Canada -- part 3

2016/07/13 AM 12:29

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This article is English-Japanese translation of the webpage Mr. Mario Lam created to describe the brief history of MRG in Canada.

June 28, 2009
Japan's Calpis Contest

June 2009, at the prompting of Yamada Kotaro, Kazuya Dekita and Mario Lam created a fun routine for submission to Calpis 2009 contest. It uses online voting and thanks to everyone's support, we won second place.

October 3, 2009
Martial Gym was part of RGA's coaching clinic

The participants enjoyed the short 3 hour session. MartialGym adds its own style and approach to women's RG. The workshop planted the seed for the support and acceptance of martialgym in Alberta.


January 5, 2011
First Martial Gym program offered outside of BC

Cassy from Rhythmicana Gymnastics, Edmonton, AB, started martialgym program. This is the first generic RG club offering martialgym outside BC.


February 5, 2011
First Back-to-Basics Performance and Workshop

A Collaboration Event with Martial Gym and the BC RG Special Olympics. Erika Howard was there as guest instructor to help improve expression, extension and body waves.


March 1, 2011
Started Adults program at Nikkei

In March of 2011, Mario start to offer martial arts to teens and adults at Nikkei. Besides training them physically, Mario engage the participants to a deeper understanding of the principles and concepts through a weekly blog - http://www.mariolam.com


February 5, 2012
2nd Back-to-Basics Event and Workshop

A performance competition with LHBF Martial Gym and Rhythmicana Gymnastics from Edmonton. A half-day martial arts workshop was hosted in the afternoon.


May 2, 2012
First 55+ Martial Gym Class Offered

First offered at the Edmonds Community Centre and then in 2014 at Bonsor Seniors Center, Martial Gym expanded to help Senior's fitness and readiness for unexpected events. The use of apparatus make it fun and provide a nice external stimulus to respond to. Understanding rather than imitating is emphasized.


June 15, 2012
Big rope routine

Yes, we had group performances at our yearend shows but those routines were put together a month or two prior to the event. This big rope group routine is the actual goal for the season for this little group. With only a couple of hours of training every week, the big rope routine was indeed a big challenge.

June 1, 2013
Performance at the BC RG Provincials 2013


July 9, 2014
Coaches workshop in Edmonton, Alberta


AG rhythmics gymnastics from Alberta started their own martialgym program in the fall of 2014.

December 31, 2014
Let's make history together!

Part of the team in 2015 at the yearend show