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MRG in Canada -- part 2

2016/07/13 AM 12:29

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This article is English-Japanese translation of the webpage Mr. Mario Lam created to describe the brief history of MRG in Canada.

March 2, 2005
Performance practice at Fraser Valley Rhythmics in Chilliwack

As part of the preparation for the 2005 Japan trip, the gymnasts need opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Kate Kloos has always been supportive of martialgym and invited us to perform at her club - Fraser Valley Rhythmics.


March 2, 2005
Kiyoshi Sugimoto performed a 4 apparatus routine

Kiyoshi's newly choreographed 4 apparatus routine was very well received.

June 6, 2005
Group Performance at a BC Special Olympics Event in Abbotsford

Martial Gym was invited to do a performance. This is yet another attempt to promote the sport to Special Olympics within BC.


September 1, 2005
First year at Nikkei Center

At Nikkei, we started with bare floor and then with one strip of regular RG carpet. It wasn't a year later in the summer of 2006 when we can afford to buy our own artistic gymnastics roll out carpet.


October 10, 2005
Performance and workshop at the Canadian National Gymnaestrada at UBC

Mario offered a martial arts workshop to gymnasts from all over Canada while the kids did a Yoga class before their performance.



November 5, 2005
Participated in the 2nd International Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition

Darryl and Tristan participated in this second international men's rhythmic gymnastics competition in Japan. Besides Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, USA, Mexico and Canada were also there.


November 5, 2005
Passed the judging course

To help with internationalization of the sport, a code of point workshop was conducted alongside with the competition.


June 15, 2007
2007 MartialGym Team

Besides having our own yearend show, we performed at the BC provincial championship.
With money raised, we finally managed to buy our own crash mat and spring board, setting the stage for better protection and harder tricks.

Martial Gym Chilliwack 004

June 15, 2009
Kazuya Dekita - 4 apparatus performance

Our yearly performance is the highlight for parents as well as gymnasts. Kazuya added a new level of inspiration to our training.

To be continued to "Part 3".