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Legend of Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics: K. Oshita and H. Yumita

2016/07/13 AM 12:24

Here is a video I want you to watch before reading this article.

The gymnast is a living legend: Kyohei Oshita. He has all the elements men’s rhythmic gymnast is supposed to have: masculine, powerful, yet flexible and fluid movement, clean and high jumps, and dexterous handling of the apparatuses.

Although his performance in this video seems flawless and effortless, he had struggled with injuries while he was at Aomori University, after winning the first place in Inter-High School Championship in 2006. It was not until 2010, his last year at university, that he finally won Inter-College Championship. Furthermore, his competitors were toughest ones ever: Masashi Kitamura and Tatsuya Tanimoto (both from Hanazono U). They were so talented that both of them subsequently joined renowned Cirque du Soleil (Kitamura still works for Cirque, in “Michael Jackson ONE”).



On the other hand, Oshita has chosen to become a member of BLUE TOKYO, a performance unit consisting of men’s rhythmic gymnasts. It would have been possible for him to join Cirque, but he didn’t. It is a great, great pleasure for fans in Japan, for we can still enjoy one of the best talents in MRG performing in front of our eyes.

Another legendary performer of MRG is Hayami Yumita. With his spark of genius, he succeeded in drawing tears from the eyes of audience by producing emotionally stirring performance. Again, like Oshita, he knew which music to choose and how to inspire audience as well as judges. However, in the video below, it might not have been his intention to cry at the end of his performance but he just couldn’t help it. He was thinking of his senior team mate, who couldn’t proceed to that national competition at his last year of his career as a gymnast. Actually, the costume he wore was his senior’s. The audience might not have known it, but it is said that everyone there was so moved and carried away by his performance. Yumita is currently with Cirque, "Varekai".