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From Aomori to Tokyo, and to the World

2016/07/13 AM 12:26

BLUE TOKYO is a performance group consisting of former rhythmic gymnasts from Aomori University and Aomori Yamada High School. Their career as a gymnast is unquestionably great. 1st place at All Japan Championship, Inter-College Championship, and Inter-Highschool Championship... they have won all sorts of competitions. They were the "ONE" chosen by the God of Gymnastics.

After graduating from school, however, they had to ask themselves a cliched question: "What does being an elite men's rhythmic gymnast mean?" The answer is "Nothing."

Sakae Arakawa, then-teacher of Aomori Yamada High, wanted to change the situation. He himself won Inter-College Championship three times in a row, and then encountered all the hardships and ordeals most men's rhythmic gymnasts have to go through. In order to change a desperate situation, he did literally whatever he could. Gradually, circumstances surrounding MRG began to change. Some of his students appeared in TV advertisement and others became performers at Cirque du Soleil. One of the graduates of Aomori Yamada joined "Siro-A", a unique performance unit which surprises the world with their jaw dropping acts.

And yet another place of employment for MR gymnast was born: BLUE TOKYO, the world's first professional performance group of MRG. BLUE TOKYO performed at Nebuta Festival in Aomori last week. Their performance received enthusiastic responses from the audience.

From Aomori to Tokyo, and to the world. They are sure to go far in this world.