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BLUE TOKYO dressed as "Salary-Man"

2016/07/13 AM 12:33


BLUE TOKYO is a performance group consisting of men's rhythmic gymnasts. Their newest video clip has just been released! It shows them dancing and doing flips in solemn business attire in the middle of the world's most populous metropolitan city, Tokyo.

To be honest, I have never expected to be watching them dance in business suits before this clip. Business attire is something at the other end of the spectrum of the image BLUE TOKYO portrays, since they are basically athletes and perhaps rarely dress like that in their everyday life. However, I should say, they are very beautifully attired and it was worth waiting. In fact, fans spent several weeks tantalised after the release of the first short trailer, until the full version was finally posted on YouTube.


Their energetic movements are featured in black and white, occasionally accompanied by eye-catching vivid red ropes, sticks, and rings. The video successfully illustrates the cold, dark, and lonely side of the metropolis and co-existing humanity. BLUE TOKYO has provided their fans with mental and emotional support, and although the word "BLUE" (sometimes implying "cold") is part of their name, they exude vibrancy and youthfulness. I suppose what motivates them is their passion for the sport to which they have devoted their time and energy for most of their life -- Men's rhythmic gymnastics.



Senior members. 

Buddy-buddy, Kento and Satoshi. 

So scary!! They are far beyond Takarazuka! 

These guys are so "cool and stylish". 


Special thanks to my proofreader, Rei.